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Skullcandy Cassette

Patrick December 9, 2013 0
Skullcandy Cassette

Skullcandy Cassette

Skullcandy is a popular brand of headphones these days, but does that mean that they are worth buying?



Contents and Special Features


-All-black Skullcandy headphones with Foam Cushions
-Another pair of ear pads – Silicone Gels
-Travel Bag
-Audio cable with volume/ play control with Microphone

A pair of headphones that come with a travelling bag as well as an additional pair of padding is pretty good. The extra stuff that they give you just makes these a better buy. I know that I damage my ear pads pretty quickly, so having a second pair helps out. The travelling bag makes hauling around the pair of headphones much easier.

Special Features:

-Changeable Ear pads
-Removable Speakers
-Collapsible Headphones

You are able to change up the ear pads for the headphones. You have two different pairs, foam cushions and silicone gels. If you prefer one material compared to the other, it’s easy to change them up. You can also remove the speakers themselves to allow for easier folding and space saving. These headphones fold up, saving you a lot of storage space.

With all of these extra content and special features, these headphones are off to a great start.


Materials and Durability

Majority of these headphones are made out of both metal and plastic. The outer layer of the headphones is made out of a hard plastic and the interior is made out of metal. The metal makes the headphones much more durable than if they were made out of just plastic. They feel light, but they give off a sense of weight to them. From this I know that these headphones are more durable than your average pair. With the headphones’ ability to fold, this causes the durability since the folding areas are weaker than the rest of it. Overall, durability is better than average.




Design and Comfort

I really like the design of the Cassette. With an all-black colouring, it looks simple and not flashy. They are rather light-weight and fit comfortable around your neck. However, the feeling you get when you put these on your ears is just horrible. Both of the paddings are not comfortable/ soft what so ever and they don’t fit my ear size. I would guess that my ears are average size since they don’t look too small or big. They don’t curve around your ears either, so the fitting feels really bad. I would think that these would work well if you wear them over a snowboarding helmet or so, but since I have only seen videos and not tried it out myself; I don’t really know how comfortable it would be. These headphones have great design, but just feel horrible when you are wearing them. Comfortability is a key factor when buying headphones.


Sound Quality

Sound quality has to be the biggest factor when choosing a pair. It can either make or break a product completely. For these headphones, Sound quality is just a meh. The bass is definitely there, making rock or techno songs sound great. When it comes to instrumental/ orchestral music, the clarity is worse than that of the standard Apple Earpods. With good bass, you sacrifice good clarity. This usually happens when you buy cheaper headphones. You pay for what you get.


My Recommendation

As cool as the Skullcandy Cassette’s may look, I don’t really feel like they are anything worth switching over too. These headphones have the looks and the additional contents that would make you want to buy them, but the comfortability and sound quality could be much better. If you were to buy these headphones, I would say a reasonable price would be $25.00. $30.00 would be over and anything lower than $20.00 would be a good buy. Try them on yourself before buying; you could have a different opinion than mine. The headphones are 3.5/5.

Once again, thank you for reading through this review! Feel free to comment, like , share or whatever!

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