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Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor

Jade July 19, 2014 0
Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor

Today I’ll be reviewing the new Schick Inuition Advanced Moisture Razer. I was super excited and eager to try this! Personally, I usually wax but decided to try something new. The new Schick Razor includes:

–         A razor handle
–         Two shea butter cartridges
–         One shower hanger
–         One travel cap

Here’s what the packaging says about the razor: “No need for shave gel. The only razor that lathers & moisturizes during shaving, leaving your skin noticeably soft. Pivoting Head follows your contours”


To use you simply take off the lid and start shaving on the area you wish to remove hair. I suggest putting some water on the area so that the shea butter will glide smoothly onto your skin.  Shave in the direction of your hair growth. After you finish shaving rinse with cold water and pat dry, then moisturize the area.

Thoughts and experience

As I have mentioned before, I prefer waxing instead of shaving but this product gave a good impression.  I am very impressed and satisfied with the results, and enjoyed this product.  My legs feel super soft and it did a great job of removing my hair. Right after the use, my legs felt fresh and clean. I love the design of the razor and how it removes the need of shaving gel, making it so convenient for people like me.  The new design glides so smoothly and easy along with the shea butter providing an uncomplicated experience with shaving. It also smells so amazing which is a plus for me, since I love pleasant scented products. The product is also convenient, making it easy to bring on vacations or trips.


-makes skin softer
-built in shea butter, no need for shaving gel
-easy to use
-cooling effect


-hard to clean


Overall, it is a great product and I definitely recommend this to others who are in need of a new shaving razor!



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