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Robocraft: Creative Pew Pew-ing

Mathias August 5, 2014 0

Robocraft is a free to play game developed by Freejam.

After living the struggle life, I knew I had to make spending amends in my lifestyle to fit my daily needs. But at that time, the struggle was real, so even simple hobbies like gaming took a toll. Gaming was relegated to patrolling humble bundle at the end of each week to find an affordable and worthwhile game to play. So at this point, you’re thinking, but what about free to play? And my simple answer to that is no. Free to plays are supposedly free to play, but I know that it’s more like pay to win—or pay to progress. Paying in a free to play game is the whole crutch and catch in these types of games. For example, if you do not pay you’d probably get owned by a superelitehaxordragonslayer360noscopez#yolosweginabox who has a fire breathing electro sword, while you are the poor peasant that can’t even afford a sufficient bamboo shield. Essentially, it’s pay to win or get sacked. Despite all of that, I caved—yes, I caved and gave a free to play game a try.


So I found something called Robocraft developed by Freejam. It was obscure enough that I thought it was cool and that I’d give it try. From the outset, the description of the game relates itself to Minecraft and World of Tanks. Personally I’ve never played World of Tanks, but I’m well aware of what Minecraft is (due to the pollution it has caused on Youtube), and I will say that it is nothing like Minecraft. Perhaps the developers saw the need to throw that relationship there to make their game more appealing, however, I honestly didn’t think it is necessary. Granted, this game was pretty obscure, but for what it’s worth and what it is, Robocraft has incredible depth and potential.


If Minecraft smashed straight into World of Tanks you’d get Robocraft. BUILD, DRIVE & FIGHT in this Free-To-Play MMO Robot vehicle shooter. – FreeJam

Robocraft is like lego. You are given lego pieces to make a land rover, hover craft, tank, plane or blob and your objective is to destroy your opponent with your invention. As you progress you are given in game credits to purchase more pieces and weapons with their own diverse effects. Of course there is a paying option (with real money) to buy some pieces, but that’s just shortcutting your way to those upgrades without working for them, but why would you? As you further progress in game you will be able to purchase those pieces anyway using in game credits. Once your invention pleases you, you can enter the fray with at least 20 other players. After the game you are rewarded in game credits based on your performance.


One particular downside that resonates in Robocraft is glitches. At times Robocraft will crash and or in game spawn your invention with missing parts. Server connection and timeouts seem to be the issue at large as well. Another bummer within this game is that it only has one mode, which features about a 10v10 death-match/capture-the-base type of game. The map rotation also gets bland when there’s only 4-5 circulating. But to say this is incredibly unfair because Robocraft is still in its early access/alpha stage and it is a through and through free to play game. So to demand something more from a free product that already has so much depth is quite greedy.


Robocraft is wonderful—I cannot praise it anything less than that. I assure you that once you get hooked; you will spend countless hours building a contraption that will somehow amuse you. The next best part is when you get to test and demolish your contraption in action. Furthermore, what this game does best is that it never alienates you. If you’re a beginner, the game will match you with those that have started out. If you’re an average gamer with an average ship, it will match you with other average players. Essentially, the players that bought all their equipment will be matched with the higher tier guys and there is no need for you to confront them. Moreover, the building process of your contraption is also incredibly intuitive and easy to get a hang of. But most importantly, it will always give you a fair chance in terms of gameplay regardless if you’re living the struggle life or not; if you’ve paid or not.

Lastly, finding your friends and playing with them is easy when you’re using Robocraft’s friend system. Just have a (slightly smaller) Wolfpack of 3 (including you), add your buddies, and you’re ready to have a great time. In short, Robocraft still needs some fixes to connection and minor glitches, but other than that it is out of this world. Seriously. Check it out. Free on Steam. Check it now.

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