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Panasonic RP-HSC200 Sport Buds

Patrick September 24, 2013 0

The goal for many people is to get into shape, but exercising can without a doubt get boring. You would probably need some sort of motivation or just something that will keep you occupied. With regular earphones, they would just fall out when you go for a run or so, but what if they fit more comfortably in your ears and stayed there? The Panasonic RP-HSC200 are a pair of earphones that are water-resistant and have a volume control and microphone, which seems perfect for your workout. So let’s get this review started!


Materials and Durability

The main materials used to make these earphones are hard plastic. Hard plastic has both its ups and down. The material allows them to feel light weight, but at the same time loses out on durability. With sports earphones, you aren’t looking for something bulletproof, but something that can handle all sorts of things like water and dirt. In addition to this the earphones themselves are made of silicon, as well as the outer layer of the clips. They add more to the flexible aspect of the earphones than the sturdiness of them. Overall, the earphones are made with good materials that allow for more flexibility and water resistance than regular earphones.

Design and Comfort

The design of the clip type earphones may look strange at first, but you will get use to them. At a first glance, you would be a bit confused on how to apply them. With some instructions on the back of the package, that problem can easily be solved. Once you have put them in, they will feel a bit strange and that takes away from the comfort of the earphones. The silicon part that enters your ear is only available in 3 sizes and those sizes range from a small to a large. This can cause the buyer to feel uncomfortable if the earbuds are not the perfect size. With the over the ear kind of design, it hangs on to your ears very well when you are either running or working out. The clips also feel very comfortable when working out.

Sound Quality

With the water resistance and comfortable fit, the earphones unfortunately lack on the audio factor. The earphones have a lacking bass but have decent clarity. You don’t get a lot of bass with these speakers, mainly because the item doesn’t really need to focus in on this aspect. The purpose of these earphones is to provide an acceptable sound experience when you are running. Clarity wise, they are okay. They aren’t super clear when listening to more orchestral or instrumental music. Regular earphones like Apple’s stock iphone or ipod have a much clearer and heavier sound compared to these. Although these headphones are clearly the better choice for working out, I found myself wishing that these had more than just acceptable sound quality. Even a little bit better would have gone a long way.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend these earphones if you are active, because they are more suited for those kinds of things. If you listen to music more casually, try a different pair other than these. The Panasonic earphones are made for the purpose of sports and physical activities and really excel at that. The Panasonic earphones receive a score of 3/5. If the sound quality was better, it would have been able to raise it to a 4/5.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write something below!

-Patrick N.

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