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Maybelline – Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Jennifer June 11, 2014 0

We live in the age of advancing technology where something is made new for the betterment or something has been improved. Make up has been evolving through the ages as well as Maybelline indroduces the new Insta-blur technology, Maybelline’s Pore Eraser Baby Skin which visibly smoothes pores away.

Baby Skin

I was a tad weary when I was deciding to purchase this item since it seemed to be a hit or miss kind of product. After reading a couple of reviews online it seemed like it either worked for you or it didn’t. Finally released in North America this Spring, if you’re looking for a cheaper version of “Photo Finish Foundation Primer” low and behold, here it is.

What I noticed first when applying the product was the velvety sensation I got from it. It is extremely smooth which I love and is a clear non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula. It’s almost like a Vaseline texture but lighter, much lighter. It’s not Photoshop amazing obviously but it does do a satisfactory job for me. I found myself with a smoother more even complexion and it worked great under my foundation however just be sure to allow the pore eraser to dry completely to avoid any clumping of all the makeup.

It does a fairly good job filling pores making them look less visible whilst creating a matte finish on your skin for your foundation to adhere after. Primer wise, it delivers excellent results as far as the overall drugstore primers go. For the price these things go for the formula is quite luxurious and I am surprised of the quality of it, which is why I thought of this product as a hit.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review (2)

The instruction on this primer is to spread a thin layer evenly on the area with pores exposed and I can’t stress the thin layer enough. A little does go a long way and this product spreads out a lot. Honestly think of it like its Vaseline you only need the minimum on. Any more than that and it can give you the greasy feeling and look which is something you probably don’t want am I right ladies.

To be honest it was the packaging that brought me to buy the product. The packaging is adorable as any Baby Lips/Baby Skin line is. The product itself is accessible with a squeeze nuzzle for sanitary and convenience reasons. I really can’t complain when the price is this low with the results it delivers.

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