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Get Frozen Powers Like Elsa

David (Admin) July 12, 2015 0
Get Frozen Powers Like Elsa

Just in case you miss hearing your little sister (or brother for that matter) sing “Let It Go” non-stop, the good folks at www.thebestoforlando.com have come up with a cool activity/science experiment that will make kids obsessed about Frozen all over again.

All you need is some water, some ice, a princess dress and you can wow people with the same powers as Elsa. Prepare to be amazed:

For the full instructions on how to create your very own Olaf, check out the article here: http://www.bestoforlando.com/articles/frozen-activities-disney-world/

Have fun being an ice queen! We’d love to see your funny “Frozen Fail” videos. Post a link in the comments box below. And here’s to hoping that they create a new song for Frozen 2.

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