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Author Bios

Who writes for RBT? It sure ain’t a mid 30’s banker doing this in his posh office. These are actual teens (and maybe some who still are teens in their hearts) who write for RBT, and here they are!

Current Writers

Desiree M. (2013- )
Desiree is an 18-year-old Brampton/New Zealand native and student majoring in drama at her arts high school. She kind of digs music (especially live), and watching the director commentaries of movies like Step-Up. She also has her own fantasy rugby league with her best friend Danielle. Intrigued? You probably should be. Just sayin’.
TrentonTrenton M. (2013- ) Seemingly normal highschooler Trenton was born to a noble family on the outskirts of Proxima Centauri, before promptly falling through a hole in the fabric of space and time – plopping him out under a Greek Fir at the base of Mt. Vesuvius. Taking up scholarly pursuits, he took to writing reviews as a means to fund his addiction to sci-fi television shows and gambling. When not succumbing to his demons, Trenton pleasures himself to pensive thoughts as to the nature of our universe. And sometimes, but not often – kites.

PatrickPatrick N. (2013- ) Patrick is a 10th grade lover of manga and anime. He spends his free time watching Pokemon reruns on [insert TV network with Pokemon reruns]. While he is not watching Pokemon, he is outside at dungeons and caves slaying dragons. Patrick reviews gadgets and tech toys because Reviewed By Teenagers does not condone killing, and therefore does not have a Dragon Slaying review section. Tech toys just happen to be another interest of Patrick.
Carson Carson S. (2013- ) A hero to rival the likes of Flash Gordon and Cpt. Hammer, Carson, aged 16, was banished by his dad to Earth to learn humility. This would prove to be in vain, for during his exile, he received nothing but praise for carrying out deeds like saving a colony of Dwarves from the impending doom of the Dragon Gaums, and punching Hitler. Lately, he has decided to settle down in the town of Bramp. He is currently disguising himself as a local hobo in among the Fields of May among a body of about 2000 cattle. During the free time he finds, he enjoys watching TV and movies, as well as reading comics.

Jennifer P. (2014- ) If Jennifer’s not on an adventure, she’s looking for one. She likes to spend her time watching TV series such as Game of Thrones or Adventure time and watch gaming commentators on YouTube or Twitch. Music is a must in her life as a listener and player. Any recommendations for any of these? Send them her way!


Former Writers

Abby S. (2013) Abby Sunberg loves pretty much everything, but creative writing is one of her favourites! Anything involving the outdoors and ice cream is up there on the list as well. Need someone to have fun with? She’s your girl! She’s down to earth, laid back, and always in for a laugh. 🙂


Cindy D. (2013)
Fashionable Cindy is a seventeen year old and very recent high school graduate. She’s just a little bit of a shopaholic (what kind of fashion reviewer would she be if she wasn’t?). She also loves music and everything about summer. Oh, and puppies. Can’t forget about puppies.
DorothyDorothy M. (2013) Dorothy – a believer of making good first impressions and being presentable. Beauty doesn’t revolve around the things that claim to improve you by spending large amounts of money. It’s about what you think is beautiful, what is pleasing to you, and about enhancing your own self. As a picky person, Dorothy picks out the pro and cons to everything. Hey, its how you know what you like. Always up for something new, constant change is what keeps Dorothy going.
picKevin G. (2013) There isn’t much to say about the single specimen species known as Kevilazy Sulkus of the genus Sleeptoomuch informally known as Kevin G. The product of two exotic computer engineers, he appears to have few hobbies. When he isn’t shuffling through the tortuous halls of high school, or being bombarded with unwelcome social contact, he seems to be content with merely laying in his den with a computer and a book. He appears to be a cinephile, which enables him to occasionally write movie reviews as to fund his quest to become Batman.